Fall Leaf Clean Up & More

Fall is a perfect time to spend out enjoying your yard. With a few great Fall landscape services, your outdoors can become an autumn oasis.
From aeration, overseeding and mulching to Fall leaf clean up – we’re here to help keep your yard looking beautiful and usable throughout the Fall.

Fall Clean Up & Leaf Removal Services

TNT provides different options to suite your Fall leaf clean up needs:

  • Weekly leaf blowing & leaf clean up keeps your lawn clean all season long
  • Staged leaf clean ups as different types of trees lose their leaves throughout the season
  • One big clean leaf up at the end of the season

We can bag all of your leaves and tree debris and haul it away too!
Let us know what you need and we’ll add you to our Fall Clean-up Plan.

Aeration & Overseeding

Fall seems to be the forgotten season when it comes to caring for lawns. Many people focus on cleaning up leaves and don’t realize that their yard still needs care in order to keep it in good health for the next spring.
Our Autumn aeration and overseeding service is just what your lawn wants and needs!
The idea behind lawn aeration and overseeding is to strengthen your entire lawn. By filling in empty or bare spots with new grass, you do more than make your lawn look beautiful; you actually increase its resistance to pests. With a thick, lush and uniform bed of grass, it’s harder for weeds to take hold, which makes taking care of grass easier, too.
Aeration breaks up compacted soil so water and other life-giving lawn nutrients can reach roots easily. This has a huge effect on grass health and growth. In fact, even if your lawn is looking good, you should still aerate to keep things that way.

Fall Mulching

Should you mulch plants in the fall? The short answer is: YES!
Mulching around plants in Autumn has all kinds of benefits: preventing soil erosion, suppressing weeds, and protecting plants from moisture loss and shifts in temperature.

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